[MTL] Haitian Love – Agrikol

As a newbie for Haitian food, my verdict after a visit to Agrikol was I loved it! Agrikol is a fairly new restaurant and bar locating in the Gay Village area, which serves some Haitian food with interesting cocktails. It's also one of the few restaurants in Montreal that people start to line up outside before its opening time. If you've never had Haitian cuisine, I suggest that you do!

[MTL] A Boutique Café – Le Butterblume

Le Butterblume, locating on the main, is a restaurant, a cafe, as well as a boutique. This hybrid cafe is started by a team of the Pâtisserie Rhubarbe and Olive et Gourmando alum, which is at the border of Mile End and Little Italy. Not only the owners, Julie Romano and Nadine Boudreau, have strong restaurant résumés, so does the chef, Jens Ruoff. After my first visit, it has become one of my favorite weekday and weekend brunch spots!

[MTL] Nordic “omakase” – HVOR

HVOR, meaning "where" in Danish (pronounced "vor"), brought a new dining concept to Montreal's food scene. There's no menu, and everything is up to the chef, hence just like the Nordic "omakase", where the chef decides what to serve. As the waiter told us that there's a bit of Japanese influence on chef S'Arto's creations, I found it, coincidentally, matched with his dining concept!

[VAN] “I Want It All” – The Mackenzie Room

The dinner at The Mackenzie Room was probably the most epic meal I've ever had so far. I had the chance to stay at Vancouver for 2 days after the trip to San Francisco, hence I got the opportunity to explore the food scene! Instead of going for Japanese food, my friend had given me few choices. The Mackenzie Room had caught my attention when I tried to look up the menu, because there is none on the site! They offer a menu (written on the chalkboard) that is in season, which totally reminds me one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal, Provisions 1628.

[SF] Always Making Progress – The Progress

The Progress, locating near the Japantown on Fillmore, is the sister restaurant of the famous State Bird Provisions, which is a michelin one-starred restaurant. They are geographically right next to each other as well. Since my friend and I couldn't snap a table at the State Bird Provisions, we were glad that at least we got one at The Progress. Though The Progress has not yet earned a michelin star yet, the Esquire magazine has named it the 2015's best new American restaurant, and the chefs/owners, Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, are the masters behind the scene.