[MTL] Slurp Slurp Slurp – Kinton Ramen

For all those days that I've been waiting for - an authentic, hearty ramen - has finally arrived in Montreal! Kinton Ramen, originated from Toronto (already have 5 locations!), is part of the Kinka Family, which decided to come to Montreal after the successful launch of Kinka Izakaya last year. I love ramen. However, none of the ramen spots could satisfy my cravings as there's always just something lacking in the bowl. Now, you'll know where to find me during the harsh winter in Montreal.

[SF] Sharing is Caring – Parada 22

This is what I love the most about San Francisco - the variety of cuisines. Parada 22 is a gem in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood, not far from the Golden Gate Park. It serves home-style Puerto Rican cuisine, which I have never thought about such type of cuisine before. Even though the neighborhood is a bit sketchy, and I definitely recommend to go with a friend, nonetheless, the food was hearty, and nice vibe.

[Recipe] Oh-so fluffy – Buckwheat Soufflé Pancake

Pancakes used to be my favorite type of breakfast when I was a kid, especially those classic buttermilk pancakes. As I'm older, I become more of a french toast person. Japan, one of my favorite countries in the world, is known for their creativity, including food. Pancakes are quite popular in Japan. Since the Americans can make "cronuts" (aka croissant + donut), why can't the Japanese put soufflé and pancake together? It maintains the versatility of pancakes, but also has the airiness of soufflé. Definitely perfect for brunch, afternoon tea, or tea.

[MTL] Market Fresh – MKT Restaurant

MKT Restaurant, locating on rue Metcalfe, offers unique blends of authentic Italian and Mediterranean flavors. I can finally have a restaurant to recommend to my friends when they ask for recommendations in downtown Montreal, especially when it's right across from McGill University. Fresh seafood from the market, and chef Marino Tavares tries to use as many local ingredients as possible.