[Recipe] Taiwanese Take on a Northern Chinese Classic – Zha Jiang Mian (炸醬麵)

Growing up as a kid that only who only eats bland food, such as fish soup and noodles, I was never a fan of Zha jiang mian (炸醬麵) or "fried sauce noodles". It's a famous noodle dish across China, originated from the north, hence there are quite a few variations out there. What are the differences between each region's sauce? The ratio of the pastes, the ingredients, types of noodles, toppings...etc.

Happy Birthday to…

For the first post on this blog that isn't about food, but me. First birthday as a non-student, many transitions, and where I am at this moment, I thought it is a good opportunity to write down some of my thoughts and show some gratitudes that I never had a chance to do so. 第一次寫中文,也是跟美食無關的文章,而是「我」。第一個非學生的生日,完全脫離學生生活後的這幾個月,生活上有很多不同的轉換。剛好趁這次的機會把一些平常沒機會說的事情用寫的來表達。

[MTL] Little Italy’s Essential – Pizzeria GEMA

Not only David McMillan, owner of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Le Vin Papillon, has his own restaurants trio, so do Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione too, and Pizzeria GEMA is one of them. As the restaurant is only few blocks away from the Jean Talon Market, the ingredients of their appetizers and pizzas use local products that are available at the market. There are two words to describe their food, fresh and home. Oh! If you are too full for pizza, their homemade ice cream is worth a detour too.

[MTL] Back to School with Foodora

It's time of the year where summer is over, and time for students to go back to school! Though school work load might not be as heavy as exam periods, but there are still a lot of events happening that keep students as busy as they would have during the exam periods. Foodora, one of the leading food delivery companies in Montreal, is partnering up with three of their restaurant partners to offer unique dishes that will be available exclusively on foodora. These dishes take a modern, elevated twist on childhood lunchtime classics, and are bound to make you feel nostalgic. The dishes will be available starting Tuesday, August 22 until Wednesday, September 20th. Now, let's see what are the 3 restaurants?

[MTL] Italianate in Style – Le Serpent

Hidden in the former Darling Laundry, Le Serpent serves Italian-inspired contemporary cuisine. Situated at the border of Old Montreal and Griffintown, the restaurant doesn't have a flashy sign, a GPS is a necessity to get there. I was tempted to explore the menu for a while, but also attracted by the industrial design, and glad that I got to visit with my mother when she was in town!