[Recipe] Addictive Afternoon Snack – Pumpkin Mochi Cake

Pumpkin, or squash, is the most-talked food during the fall. It's also a very versatile ingredient that can be made into sweets or savory dishes. The vibrant orange/yellow color also makes the dish presentable. Moreover, pumpkin is a good source of vitamins, such as vitamin E and B6, and has low glycemic index. This pumpkin mochi cake is very easy to make, and tastes the best when serving straight out from the pan.

[Recipe] Vietnamese Affair at Home – Vegan Banh Mi

After my trip to Vietnam this summer, I had fallen in love with the banh mi! A local told me that Vietnamese can have banh mi any time throughout the day, either as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even late night snacks. Vietnamese descends makes up the majority of the Asians here, in Montreal, and I couldn't wait to try out this vegan banh mi recipe developed by a friend of mine from school, and she's a registered dietitian, so you can count on her ;)  

[Recipe] Guilt-Free Banana Bread

Since school is over, now I have more time for baking, especially healthy baking. Most of the time, people associate baked goods with high fats, and sugar-loaded. I'm not a fan of it, but I still like baked goods, so I like to explore for healthy alternatives for some ingredients or just healthy recipes, in general. I'm a newbie with baking, so I'm starting off with the most basic and classic one - banana bread! It's quick and easy that I guarantee every first time baker can do it. Oh! Have I forgotten to mention that there's no butter and no refined sugar?

[MTL] MTL à Table 2016 A Casual Resto with Exquisite Dishes – La Récolte Espace Local

La Récolte Espace Local is situated in the Little Italy/Villeray neighborhood, close to station Jean Talon. I've walked passed by it quite a few times when it's closed, so never had an idea how the restaurant is like. Thankfully, my friends suggested this for MTL à Table. I'm already half way through the week of the event, and it's my third restaurant (two more to go!). This is by far the most satisfying dinner.

[Recipe] Creamy & Chewy – Mushroom Israeli Couscous Risotto

The weather is getting colder, daylight is getting shorter, meaning winter is closer! I tend to crave things that are more rich and creamy, and one of them that I would crave for during the winter is risotto. Classic risotto is often mixed with cream, cheese, and butter to create the creaminess and richness, which is also very high in calories! Moreover, Arborio rice is very starchy, and contains simple carbohydrates, which will will provide quick energy for your body, but very low in vitamins and minerals. What can we replace but still obtain the similar texture and flavor?

[MTL] MTL à Table 2016 A Portuguese Affair – Helena

Helena, is a Portuguese restaurant located in the Old Montreal, right on McGill street. I've already heard a lot about the restaurant before the visit (I even have Chef/owner Helena Loureiro's cookbook!), so I had a bit of expectations for it. As an avid seafood lover, my friends have been telling me how good their food are, and the fishes are very fresh. I'm glad that it's one of the participated restaurants for MTL à Table, which finally allowed me to have the chance to try it out, and it didn't disappoint.

[TW] Simplicity is the Best – Sushi 27 (鮨二七)

My love for Japanese food isn't really a secret anymore. It all dated back to when I was 3 or 4 year-old. My grandfather had to get a box of chirashi everyday after work, and I would always get a small box of Japanese pickled cucumbers. Anyhow, as I'm older, my discovery for finer Japanese food continues, and I know that I'll never get sick of it. I am extremely content that I have found Sushi 27, and it's now a regular spot.

[HCM] A Legendary – The Lunch Lady

A trip to Ho Chi Minh city isn't complete without a visit to the Lunch Lady! The food stall is located a bit out on the East, where there's no tourist attractions but I told my mother that I had to go, otherwise I'll leave with regrets. I'm glad that mom approved too! It's a fave of both the locals (more) and tourists. What's so special about the Lunch Lady? The menu changes daily! Yes... 7 days a week, 7 types of noodles!

[HCM] “Cà phê” to Independent Coffee Moments in Saigon

As I've done a brief introduction of Vietnamese coffee in the Hoi An coffee post, the coffee scene in Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh city) is more vibrant and westernized compared to Hoi An. There are myriads of cafes in the city, such as that the entire building has a cafe on each floor. The entire city is exploded with cafes due to its own coffee culture, but I managed to find some of the so-called "third wave" cafes!