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Trilogie was probably one of the most-talked restaurants in Montreal last year. I rarely (close to never) have Chinese food in Montreal, especially something as simple as dumplings. However, since the photos look delicious and legit, I decided to give it a try.


Locating near the Little Italy, this minimalist restaurant is opened by Anita Feng, whom I have followed on Instagram for a while! It’s a family-run restaurant, serving the homiest food – the dumplings. They are only opened on weekdays, during the lunch time. Since the location is quite up north of Montreal, I didn’t have the chance to visit until the spring break, and it definitely comforts my inner cravings for homemade food.


The minimalist decor somewhat correspond the simplicity of dumplings. The restaurant was almost full when I arrived, but luckily, I was able to grab a seat at a big table (shared with a girl).


As soon as I walked in the restaurant, I felt like I was back in my grandparents’ house. The marbled-concrete floor, wooden chairs and tables, more importantly, the vintage green frames!


Just like their decor, the menu could not be any simpler: 5 entrées, 3 kinds of dumplings (with daily specials), and desserts. For the dumplings, you get the options of boiled or pan-fried. It also comes with dipping sauce, which you can choose one out of four: black vinegar & house made spice sauce, black vinegar with sriracha & hoisin, spicy peanut sauce & chili oil, and sesame oil & soy sauce.



With a semi-open kitchen, you can see that the kitchen was busy! Unlike a professional kitchen, the kitchen brings back childhood memories for me (not exaggerating!).


Started off with the entrées, the cucumber salad and edamame. The cucumber salad is tossed with black vinegar, house made spicy sauce, Sichuan dried peppers, rosemary, and spicy peanuts. The cucumber was crunchy, and well-seasoned. However, quite pricey to me, as it’s something that I can make at home.


As for the dumplings, I opted for the boiled umami dumplings (the bottom one), which have Chinese cabbage, pork, and shrimps as the filling. I really like the wrap. It’s al dente, thick, and chewy. The fillings are well-seasoned, which I did not have to dip in the dipping sauce.


My friend opted for the pan-fried chicken, shitake, and green onions dumplings (the top left bowl), which was the special of the day. The wrap was crisp, but not dried. However, I found the filling a bit too salty compared to the umami dumplings.


For desserts, we ordered the fried dumplings and grass-jelly with ginger and coconut milk. The fried dumplings are wrapped in wonton shape, and filled with mashed sweet potatoes. It was fresh, hot, and crisp. I liked the grass jelly more. It was refreshing. Surprisingly, the coconut milk and grass jelly make a good combo.


The dumplings are definitely different (better) than the ones you can find in Chinatown or downtown. I would rather bus further to Trilogie than spending my money at the dumplings spots in downtown just for the convenience.


Not only the food was reminiscing, the charm of this cozy spot is that it brings you back to the old days. Just like the stamp on the menu, “老地方”,  meaning “old place”. It is, indeed, a spot that I would go back regularly if I were living in the neighborhood. The simplicity and graciousness are what makes Trilogie attracting.

8521 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal
Tel: 514-885-1038

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