[MTL] Family Morning Ritual – La Petite Maison

Locating on avenue du Parc (near avenue St-Viateur), La Petite Maison is situated at an easily accessible spot. It’s a new project of chef Danny St. Pierre, whom is also a cookbook author and television host.

la petite maison

Though it’s located at such a good location, but one can easily walk pass it without noticing due to its physical layout as the below-ground restaurant. When I walked in, there were only 6 tables with some round tables and some rectangular tables. I thought, “oh.. it’s quite small”.

la petite maison

However, who knew that the restaurant is divided into three parts! The front house, kitchen/bar area, and a private salon room at the back. Dining at La Petite Maison definitely made me feel like dining at a friend’s. Here’s why…

la petite maison

The concept of the restaurant is “sharing”, as that’s what family do. The menu is divided into three parts: starters, mains (but shareable portion), and desserts.

la petite maison

Poutine inversée is one of the starters that my friend and I both wanted to order. It seems like it’s a specialty of the restaurant. As the name, it’s “inverted” poutine. These bite-sized crouton-liked cubes are perfect appetizer! The fillings are gravy and cheese curds, which popped in the mouth as you bite it.

la petite maison

Initially, we were looking for a salad as another appetizer, but we thought of getting something special. Therefore, we ordered the eggplant fries with herbs yogurt. This was a bit disappointed as it came out different than we expected. The fries were soft and soggy…. However, the herbs yogurt was quite good. I think it’s meant to balance out the greasiness from the fries.

la petite maison

I love trying out different black pudding, therefore, how could I miss the crispy black pudding with apple ketchup? The texture of this black pudding is different than Ma’tine or Maison Publique. It’s somewhat in between, and both of us felt like it tastes more like fish fleshes. I absolutely loved the pairing with apple ketchup. It’s refreshing!

la petite maison

Of course there has to be egg, carbs, and meat while brunching! We chose the “special sandwich”, which is served in open-faced style. It’s composed of mortadella, swiss melt, and a sunny side up on house-made burger bun. Mortadella is an Italian cured sausage, which resembles bologna. Unlike the cured sausages I had before that were all too salty, the saltiness of the mortadella is just right. The lettuce is crisp and crunchy. Perfectly toasted buns.

la petite maison

This rice with shrimps, corns, and fried egg caught our eyes while browsing through the menu. Upon serving, the dish was so fragrant and aromatic with herbs. The shrimps are fresh. The lime toned down the heaviness of the dish.

la petite maison bacon brioche

As one’s might say, how can a meal end without desserts? The famous Sweet bacon brioche of La Petite Maison. The appearance of the brioche is so smooth and golden brown.

la petite maison bacon brioche dessert

It’s a perfect dessert if you don’t have a super sweet tooth. The filling is so creamy with bacon bites.

la petite maison dessert chocolate

Since there were 5 choices for the desserts, and it was so hard to just have one, we opted for the chocolate-hazelnut torta topped with salted caramel and blueberries. The torta was a bit dried and crumbly. However, I liked it cause it wasn’t sweet! I could taste the bitterness of the chocolate, which is the way I love to enjoy it. Also, there are a lot of hazelnuts, which reminds me of Ferro Rocher!la petite maison

Overall, it was a laid-back and nice experience. It’s a very family-friendly brunch spot, because 90% of the customers come as families, and with little kids! My friend and I were the “odd” ones there. Another thing I loved about Petite Maison is that you get a choice of regular or sparkling water! I love the concept of sharing when dining out. This allows people to enjoy the food together, instead of just focusing on our own plates while eyeing on other’s!

Petite Maison
5589 Av. du Parc, Montreal
Tel: 514-303-1900 (Reservations recommended!)

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