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Montreal Plaza was definitely one of the most anticipated restaurants in town. Why? Because it’s the new project from chef Charles-Antoine Crête, whom is the ex-Toqué! chef and his partner Cheryl Johnson. Located in the Plaza Saint-Hubert, among those random boutiques, the eccentric decor definitely made the restaurant popped.


I’ve never seen such a restaurant with so many tables for a group of 4 or above. There was only actually a small section for a table of 2. That being said, from the layout of the restaurant, it’s definitely a family-oriented restaurant! As the current food trend, the dishes are designed to share.



I went to Montreal Plaza with my mother for Mother’s Day dinner, therefore, it is important when dining with parents since they don’t like it (at least my mother) when the restaurant is too dark, they prefer comfy seats. The ambiance is bright and quite relaxing. With an open kitchen, we didn’t hear any noises nor smell any smokes from the kitchen! The diners can see how the team works together clearly.


We started off with two appetizers. The first one was the princess scallop + strawberry. The combination caught my eyes as I love strawberries, and the combination is quite interesting. It was served in the scallop shell. Honestly, it was a bit different than I expected. I was expecting whole scallops instead of chopped. The flavor was refreshing and appetizing, but it lacked the tenderness of the whole scallop as I could barely taste it when it’s all chopped up.

Montreal plaza

As a friend strongly recommended the vegetable ruffles, I decided to order it after the waitress explained that it’s a mixed of raw yellow and red beetssliced green apples, and topped with lots of parmesan cheese! I absolutely adore this dish.

Montreal plazaI’ve never had raw beets. It was so crunchy and fresh. The dressing was well seasoned with the right amount, which was creamy. The purple cabbage wasn’t bitter too. I’m not sure how they prep it, but definitely not the same as the ones I had before.

Montreal plaza

We also ordered two mains. First, the cavatelli + shrimps. It was absolutely delicious. No doubt that the cavatelli was al dente, the sauce was rich with shrimpy flavor and creamy cause of the parmesan cheese. There was abundant shrimps, and it was fresh and crisp.

Montreal plaza

The other main was the fish of the day, which was walleye served with fiddle headsminced meatboudin and citrus gel. The walleye was tender, and could be easily flaked off with fork, while the skin was crisp. The minced pork, surprisingly, was really good. There wasn’t any unnecessary flavors on the plate. The citrus gel lighten up the dish as proteins can get a bit heavy. I didn’t expect boudin to come as a compliment of the dish, since the waitress specifically mentioned it, so I thought it was with actual piece of blood pudding.

Montreal plaza


Though we were really full, as always, there’s definitely a room for dessert! We had the buffalo milk frozen yogurt with sumac syrup and maple syrup. It was simple, and palate cleansing. However, wasn’t “wow”. They have an extensive menu for dessert (a whole page!), but none of them really interested us as it all seems too heavy. However, this is just our personal preference.

Overall, it was a pleasant meal, and mommy was happy about it! The menu changes frequently, and the staffs definitely know their menu well. The waitress was attentive, and friendly. I would definitely go back to try other items on the menu. Though I don’t eat beef, but my friend said the chopped liver is really good. Also, there’s something called “head cheese” that is a must too!

Montreal Plaza
6230 rue St-Hubert, Montreal
Tel: +1 (514) 503-6230 (Reservation strongly recommended) 
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