[Recipe] Vietnamese Affair at Home – Vegan Banh Mi

After my trip to Vietnam this summer, I had fallen in love with the banh mi! A local told me that Vietnamese can have banh mi any time throughout the day, either as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even late night snacks. Vietnamese descends makes up the majority of the Asians here, in Montreal, and I couldn’t wait to try out this vegan banh mi recipe developed by a friend of mine from school, and she’s a registered dietitian, so you can count on her 😉  

vegan banh mi

Personally, I think the essence of a banh mi sandwich is the pickles and the pâté. I thought pickling is such a tedious work, and I might end up spoiling the food than actually preserving it. However, I was wrong! It was simple and easy to make the pickles, and it definitely brought the sandwich to another level. Also, traditional banh mi is actually packed with assorted meat/ham. I’ve never thought that the vegan version can be comforting too. The texture of firm tofu can somewhat mock those sandwich hams, so you won’t feel like eating vegan/vegetarian is all just veggies.

vegan banh mi

The recipe can be found on A Thoughtful Meal.


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  1. Yummm this looks delicious! And I’m loving your new site Eva! Guess I’ve been a little slow on the site migrate but I’m glad I found you again ✌️️

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