[JP] Portland Coffee Vibe – ZHYVAGO Coffee Works

As searching for specialty coffee has become one of my travel essentials, I’m glad that I found this one. ZHYVAGO Coffee Works is located in one of the most popular malls in Okinawa, Mihama American Village. What’s even better, the coffee shop has a prime waterfront view.

The cafe was a semi-opened space. There’re only 2 bar seats and a table that accommodates 4 people are the back of the cafe. Perk of having a semi-opened cafe? The smell of the coffee guided me from the parking lot to the cafe. Besides coffee, they also offer a variety of goodies, cakes, tarts for customers.

Coffee cultures in Japan isn’t something new, and Japanese love coffee (tea too). It tends to be dark roast, which is bitter. However, that’s not the kind of coffee ZHYVAGO Coffee Works serves!

Coffee lovers know that Portland is one of the biggest coffee cities. After few trips to Portland, the owner, as well as a barista, fell in love with the city’s coffee culture, ad decided to bring the concept back to Okinawa! Apparently, the majority of the decorations and furniture were purchased in Portland, and shipped all the way across the Pacific for the cafe.

Though the cafe provided a west coast vibe, the beans are sourced from a local roaster, Mame Pore Pore. Mame Pore Pore was closed when I went, so I was glad that I still got a taste of it at other coffee shop! If you are curious about the machine, they use La Marzocco Strada.

Doesn’t matter if you are having your coffee to-go or for there, you’ll have to pick it up from a cute little window on the side of the coffee shop. While waiting for the coffee, I really enjoyed peaking through the window to see some coffee-making actions behind the counter.

My brother got a latte, which was very smooth and the espresso wasn’t too overpowering.

On such a cold, windy day, I got a cold brew (don’t ask why.. I didn’t know too). It was quite light and diluted. To be honest with you, I was too cold to feel/taste it, so my senses were probably not accurate. However, the pecan-fig tart was delicious! We also got a chocolate cake, which was dense and moist.

The ZHYVAGO Coffee Works’ core value is to “enjoy the moment with appreciation”, which is exactly what you can do/feel when sipping coffee there! It’s very laid back, and if you come in the afternoon, you’ll get the best view for sunset.

ZHYVAGO Coffee Works
1st Floor distortion seaside building 9-46, Mihama Chatan, Okinawa
Tel: +81 98-989-5023

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