[TPE] Taipei’s “Tsukiji Fish Market” – Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水產)

Besides waking up at 2 AM and go to the port to bid fishes by yourself, Addiction Aquatic Development is the place that you’ll be able to get the freshest seafood in Taipei! Through wholesalers manner, and the model of direct shipment from the origin, the freshness and quality are guaranteed, as well as with reasonable pricing!  The entire market is divided into 10 sections, while the standing bar area is the most popular, where you can instantly consumed sushi and other seafood products!

For first timer at Addiction Aquatic Development (AAD), you can easily get lost! There’s a live aquamarine products area, where you can get live fishes and seafoods from the temperature controlled tanks. There’s a sea food bar, which provides the top food ingredients from all over the world, and you can choose to pair with champagne or red wine. It’s an option if you want to talk and enjoy the food with good friends or the chefs in a way similar to sea side bars abroad. Not a fan of raw food? They have an area for hot pot! When the food is served, the staffs explain the process and timing used to cook the ingredients, helping you with your cooking, so you get the best taste out of it. Think indoor is too stuffy and you need fresh air? There’s a charcoal grilled BBQ area, which the use of charcoal as the fuel source retains the original flavors of the ingredients. If you are in a hurry, and just need to grab something quick, there’s also a fresh food supermarket, where there are fresh produces, as well as take out bento boxes. Last but not least, there’re also flower and lifestyle areas, where you can buy dining wares, kitchen utensils, flower decorations, cookbooks…etc!

Out of all those area, the instant consumed stand bar is the most popular among the customers. The head chef, Mr. Tadashi Takeda, comes from Japan, and had won multiple national sushi championships in Japan. This spot demonstrated the efficiency and vivacity of the fish market’s atmosphere, which makes you feel like you are at the Tsukiji fish market of Tokyo.

Since it’s a stand bar, and it’s all about efficiency, there’s no chairs for you to sit! Also, there’s no tables, only bar, so it would be hard to share the food if you go with more than 3 people.

We ordered a seafood platter, which serves as a combo with a salad and a fish miso soup. Normally, the salad from a combo only has lettuces, onions, cucumbers and sauce, but this was much better! It was topped with tuna tatami and salmon roes, which were very fresh! The lettuces were fresh and crisp. Simply served with Japanese soy sauce, yum!

The miso soup came in a huge bowl that can be shared among 2 to 3 people! There are quite a few pieces of fish in there. A very standard miso soup. Not bad.

This is the seafood platter! The picture only showcased one side of it, but it’s actually a huge platter! There were red king crab, tuna sashimi, fresh oysters, abalone, salmon roe with Japanese yam, shrimps, and fresh scallop! The king crab was very meaty. The meat was firm and springy! No words could describe the freshness of this platter!

Look at those bright orange crab roe! I love any sort of eggs/roes, and will never think I had enough. For the very first time, I asked my mom if she wanted some. Imagined how much there were to the point that I had to share!

Too much egg? Nope! Here comes the uni with Japanese yam. These uni were fresh and sweet, barely had any taste of alum! Also loved the gooey-ness of the yam, they are a perfect combo!

This was probably the only one that I was a bit disappointed. I was looking forward to this o-toro nigiri. It was soft and tender, but not fatty enough! It made me wonder if they have placed the wrong order…

Here comes the star of the meal! This nigiri platter is a must at AAD. There are three types of nigiri set: featured (10 pieces), seasonal (10 pieces), and classic (9 pieces). We ordered the featured nigiris. It was 10 pieces of nigiri plus maki and tamagoyaki. Each piece was very satisfying! The ratio between the rice and fish was spot on. The fish was fresh and not too thin. The sushi rice wasn’t too sticky nor too loose. It was “al dente“.

If you like seafood or sushi, this is the spot that you wouldn’t want to miss! It’s a fast food spot that you can also stop by just for a quick snack or pre-dinner. I wished that I live in Taipei, so I can shop at the fish market and cook at home!

Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水產)
No.18, Aly. 2, Ln. 410, Minzu E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City
Tel:  +886-2-2508-1268

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