[JP] Local Roastery in Minatogawa – Okinawa Cerrado Coffee

Cerrado Coffee has been in Okinawa’s coffee scene since 1988. It is a popular coffee shop located among the stylish shops and restaurants of Minatogawa, Urasoe. Among other great coffee shops like ZHYVAGO Coffee Works, Mame Pore Pore Coffee Roasters, Tamagusuku Coffee Roasters…etc, Cerrado Coffee is absolutely the spot that coffee enthusiasts will not want to miss.

The white and apple green exterior is their signature color. Unlike other cafes that use the name “roasters” or “coffee shop”, Cerrado coffee calls themselves as a “bean store”, which is true.

The shop usually stocks around 14 varieties of coffee at any one time, with beans selected from different origins, and label according to their sweetness and taste. All the beans are roasted in store. Before leaving, I found out that they are growing their own coffee beans at the backyard!

They offer and rotate so many kinds of coffee, and have a stamp for each coffee that they use to stamp on the cup!

They don’t have tables in there, only few benches for people to take a break. I like how minimalistic their take out cups are, no logo, but just the coffee origin and name of the beans.

Unlike the cafes in Montreal that offers filter coffee as a staple, they have “today’s coffee”, which features different kind of beans, and freshly brewed with french press.

Of course, as usual, I opted for the hand drip of White honey from Costa Rica. They used Kalita wave dripper, which has 3 small extraction holes at the bottom that is ideal for brewing full-bodied coffee. The coffee had a floral taste and very sweet aftertaste!

My brother opted for cappuccino, which allowed me get a taste of their espresso-based drink. It was smooth and creamy. Quality of the milk definitely plays an important role in latte or cappuccino, and there’s no question that the milk in Japan has always been my favorite. I always have to go to their supermarket and get different kinds of boxed fresh milk. They are so rich and creamy!

There’s nothing better than getting a good cup of coffee while traveling. They also sells beans, single origins and Cerrado blends. I didn’t get to try it, but I saw a lot of recommendations for their Cerrado blends! It’s the easiest way to connect with the locals and greatest way for a break.


Cerrado Coffee Bean Store
2-15-6 No.28  Minatogawa, Urasoe, Okinawa
Tel: +81 120-447-442

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