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oHacorte, a cafe specializes in fruit tartes, is the most popular dessert spots in Okinawa. It is popular among the locals and the tourists that it has 4 locations in Okinawa (5 included the store in Naha airport), and they are slightly different in styles. We went to the one in Minatogawa, which is the original store, after grabbing coffee at Cerrado Coffee.

Like most of the houses in Minatogawa that are pastel colors, oHacorte is baby blue and white. With a spacious front yard, they built a wood house and have few tables for customers to enjoy the nice weather outside. However, you have to place your order first, then the staff will assign you a table.

Since it was an afternoon tea, we ordered two tartes to share. First, we had the apple tart, which was like a tarte tatin to me. The ruby red apples topped with snow white whipped cream, which made me clueless of where I should cut into. The apples were soft yet not mushy. It was well cooked through. The whole wheat crust wasn’t too buttery, yet still had the milky taste.

Strawberries are my favorite fruit, so how could I miss it! In Montreal, summer is the berries season, but in Asia, winter is the strawberry season. Lightly coated with sugar glaze, the sweet and sour taste burst out in the mouth after taking a bite. The custard in the center was creamy and smooth, yet still light.

oHacorte is known for making seasonal fruit tarts that each of them look like a jewel itself. The one that I really want to try is their grape tart, which is the one that I first saw it on TV show. Unlike traditional Japanese desserts (wagashi) that are as sweet as eating pure sugar, these fruit tarts have preserved the natural sweetness from the fruits. Each element of the tart was all well executed and assembled together flawlessly.

2 chome-2-17-1, Minatogawa, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa
Tel: +81 98-875-2129

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