[MTL] Back to School with Foodora

It’s time of the year where summer is over, and time for students to go back to school! Though school work load might not be as heavy as exam periods, but there are still a lot of events happening that keep students as busy as they would have during the exam periods.

Foodora, one of the leading food delivery companies in Montreal, is partnering up with three of their restaurant partners to offer unique dishes that will be available exclusively on foodora. These dishes take a modern, elevated twist on childhood lunchtime classics, and are bound to make you feel nostalgic. The dishes will be available starting Tuesday, August 22 until Wednesday, September 20th. Now, let’s see what are the 3 restaurants?

Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine – The Brooklyn Pizza Pouch

Locating in downtown Montreal, Brigade serves Neapolitan-style pizza, meaning the crust is thin and crisp, followed by an interior that is moist, poofy, and cloud-like with good, stretchy chew, and cook in wood-fire ovens. This sesame seed crust pizza pouch is stuffed with pepperoni, ricotta and mozzarella. Since everything is concealed in the pocket, it’s not that messy to eat like traditional pizza!

Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce – The Grilled Columbian

Having several locations in Montreal, there’s one right in downtown around Golden Square Miles. It is more of an upscale burger restaurant, and serves creative burgers. They use local and top quality ingredients. Almost everything is made in house, such as fresh-cut French fries, homemade sauces, house sodas, beer…etc. For back to school, they offer grilled cheese that is filled with chimichurri, jalapeño, bacon (optional), grilled cheese curds and cheddar, in between two slices of challah. The bread was crunchy, and if you like spicy, this is the one! Occasionally, a kick from the jalapeño, but the cheese will tone it down soon after.

Kinka Izakaya – Karaage Teishoku Lunchbox

Last but not least, Kinka Izakaya is one of the well known izakayas in Montreal, originally from Toronto. Karaage, aka deep-fried boneless chicken, is one of their signature dishes. They are marinated in soy sauce before deep frying it, and serve with garlic mayo. It’s crisp outside, but still moist and juicy inside. The lunchbox consists of karaage, mini salad, pickled burdock, rice, and miso soup. It’s definitely a great deal that you could possibly have!

In additional, Foodora is running a contest between August 22nd to September 20th, where one lucky student in Montreal has the chance to win Foodora for a FULL YEAR !!

Here’s how you can enter to win, simply type FREEFOOD in the “have a voucher” section at checkout. The winner will be selected during the week of September 21st.

*Free foodora for a year is the equivalent of one(1) $15 foodora voucher per week for a total of 8 months during the academic school year. 




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*Disclaimer: Foodora sent me vouchers to order the foods, however, all opinions are mine.


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