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[HCM] “Cà phê” to Independent Coffee Moments in Saigon

As I've done a brief introduction of Vietnamese coffee in the Hoi An coffee post, the coffee scene in Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh city) is more vibrant and westernized compared to Hoi An. There are myriads of cafes in the city, such as that the entire building has a cafe on each floor. The entire city is exploded with cafes due to its own coffee culture, but I managed to find some of the so-called "third wave" cafes!

[HA] “Cà phê” Moments in Hoi An Ancient Town

Coffee production has been playing a major role in Vietnam's economy since early 20th century. Nowadays, the Vietnamese-style coffee is known all over the world for its special brewing method. People in Vietnam consume quite a lot of coffee daily, and it is seen everywhere, from the street vendors to coffee shops. That being said, how can one visit Vietnam without trying authentic Vietnamese coffee?

[MTL] A Boutique Café – Le Butterblume

Le Butterblume, locating on the main, is a restaurant, a cafe, as well as a boutique. This hybrid cafe is started by a team of the Pâtisserie Rhubarbe and Olive et Gourmando alum, which is at the border of Mile End and Little Italy. Not only the owners, Julie Romano and Nadine Boudreau, have strong restaurant résumés, so does the chef, Jens Ruoff. After my first visit, it has become one of my favorite weekday and weekend brunch spots!

[MTL] Café + Salon de thé – La Brume dans mes Lunettes

  Locating in the Little Italy, La Brume dans mes Lunettes is my current cafe (or should I say tearoom?) crush. I did not pay much attention to this cafe until I saw their menu, which they offer afternoon tea set after 2pm on weekdays! Ever since, I've been trying to find an occasion to go, and I finally had the time to visit with Kristin from CHEN CHEW. I would say this is my favorite afternoon tea spot so far.

[HK] Cafés Hopping in the Pearl of the Orient

I visit Hong Kong at least once a year because of my family. I have a love-hate relationship for Hong Kong. It's such a cosmopolitan and lively city, which I often described it as the "New York of Asia". However, the population is so dense, and with many tourists, I feel suffocate and intense whenever I stay more than 3 days. Nonetheless, I spent a week in Hong Kong with my brother this summer, and got to explore few cafés. Let's take a look...

[SF] The Legendary Roasted Chicken – Zuni Café

When I first brought up my potential San Francisco trip to my friend K (see her post), the first restaurant that she recommended was Zuni Café. She was talking about how juicy and tender the roasted chicken is, and telling me the tips about making reservation...etc. Therefore, I put it down on the list, and asked my friend in San Francisco to help me make a reservation. Guess what! We already made the call a month ahead, but the lunch services were booked till 2 pm!