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[Recipe] Taiwanese Take on a Northern Chinese Classic – Zha Jiang Mian (炸醬麵)

Growing up as a kid that only who only eats bland food, such as fish soup and noodles, I was never a fan of Zha jiang mian (炸醬麵) or "fried sauce noodles". It's a famous noodle dish across China, originated from the north, hence there are quite a few variations out there. What are the differences between each region's sauce? The ratio of the pastes, the ingredients, types of noodles, toppings...etc.

[TPE] Private Kitchen of Xuzhou Cuisine – Xu Huai Ren Jia (徐淮人家)

I finally had chance to visit Taipei after quite a few years. Xu Huai Ren Jia (徐淮人家)  has been on my list for a long time since I first heard of it from the show Kang Xi Lai Le (康熙來了) in 2013. There are a lot of old and famous Chinese restaurants in Taipei, from the Southern to Northern provinces of China, you'll definitely be able to find something. However, Xuzhou cuisine is actually quite rate. At least I've actually never heard of this city until I found this restaurant. It was definitely a very unique experience, especially when there's no menu (very rare for Chinese food)!

[HK] Highest Chinese Restaurant in the World – Tin Lung Heen [Two Michelin-Starred]

Tin Lung Heen (天龍軒) is situated in the 102F of Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong. It has received its first star soon after the opening in 2011, and been maintaining its two-starred honor since 2012. This achievement has to be attributed to the chef Paul Lau Ping Lui, whom is regarded as one of the top Cantonese chefs in Hong Kong. Since dim sum is a must in Hong Kong, and it's such a casual thing to do with friends and family, sometimes it is okay to fancy it up.

[MTL] Dumplings Outside of Chinatown – Trilogie

Trilogie was probably one of the most-talked restaurants in Montreal last year. I rarely (close to never) have Chinese food in Montreal, especially something as simple as dumplings. However, since the photos look delicious and legit, I decided to give it a try. Locating near the Little Italy, this minimalist restaurant is opened by Anita Feng, whom I have followed on Instagram for a while! It's a family-run restaurant, serving the homiest food - the dumplings. They are only opened on weekdays, during the lunch time. Since the location is quite up north of Montreal, I didn't have the chance to visit until the spring break, and it definitely comforts my inner cravings for homemade food.

[TW] “The Best Taiwan Roast Duck Restaurant” – Red Lantern in Silks Place Yilan (宜蘭晶英酒店紅樓中餐廳)

Red Lantern (紅樓中餐廳) is located at the 6th floor of the Silks Place Yilan (宜蘭晶英酒店), which is the only international 5-star hotel in Yilan County of Taiwan. Maybe some of you have not heard of Yilan. It's situated at the north of Taiwan, right next to Taipei. Yilan has been a popular short getaway destination for people living in the north. There isn't much constructions, hence the natural sceneries are still well-preserved and not so polluted. I strongly recommend a visit to Yilan (or the east of Taiwan) if you have time! Okay... Back to the main topic..

[MTL] Authentic Sichuan Food Spiced-Up in Brossard – Le Ming Chuan

To be honest, I never thought that I would have a chance to go to Brossard (South of Montreal). However, my friend recommended me a Chinese restaurant there, and she was nice to offer me a ride there, so I thought why not? :) I love spicy foods anyway. Le Ming Chuan isn't new in the neighborhood. It is just right next to  the Taschereau Boulevard. They serve a variety of Chinese foods, but they are the first Chinese restaurant that serves Sichuan food in Brossard! That's a good news for people who live in the South shore! No more needs to come all the way to downtown for authentic Sichuan food. They have a lot of options and choices, from beef, lamb, chicken, seafoods, preparing in variety of ways. It is also vegetarian friendly too! They also offer different set menus for people who didn't know what to choose (just like me...), and would like to try a variety of dishes. Check out their menu for more details!

[HK] One Dim Sum (ㄧ點心)

One Dim Sum is definitely my top choice for dimsum outing in Hong Kong! It is awarded with Michelin one star in 2011, and managed to keep it! Despite the Michelin star, the price is considerably cheap in Hong Kong for such quality of food. The portion each dimsum is pretty big as it fills up most of the bamboo steamer. However, be prepare to wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes during dining hours! The queue is always long, and the restaurant doesn't take reservation. It's first come first serve.

[TW] Restaurant Yue Pin 悅品中餐廳 (Hotel Dùa)

[caption id="attachment_75" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Tea & Menu[/caption] Yue Pin is located in the third floor of a newly opened hotel, Hotel Dùa, in Kaohsiung. The restaurant is led by a chef from Hong Kong who has 30 years of experience in cooking Chinese cuisine. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing and exquisite. It is a great choice for family gathering, hospitalizing business partners, and hanging out with friends.