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[HK] Highest Chinese Restaurant in the World – Tin Lung Heen [Two Michelin-Starred]

Tin Lung Heen (天龍軒) is situated in the 102F of Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong. It has received its first star soon after the opening in 2011, and been maintaining its two-starred honor since 2012. This achievement has to be attributed to the chef Paul Lau Ping Lui, whom is regarded as one of the top Cantonese chefs in Hong Kong. Since dim sum is a must in Hong Kong, and it's such a casual thing to do with friends and family, sometimes it is okay to fancy it up.

[HK] One Dim Sum (ㄧ點心)

One Dim Sum is definitely my top choice for dimsum outing in Hong Kong! It is awarded with Michelin one star in 2011, and managed to keep it! Despite the Michelin star, the price is considerably cheap in Hong Kong for such quality of food. The portion each dimsum is pretty big as it fills up most of the bamboo steamer. However, be prepare to wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes during dining hours! The queue is always long, and the restaurant doesn't take reservation. It's first come first serve.

[TW] Restaurant Yue Pin 悅品中餐廳 (Hotel Dùa)

[caption id="attachment_75" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Tea & Menu[/caption] Yue Pin is located in the third floor of a newly opened hotel, Hotel Dùa, in Kaohsiung. The restaurant is led by a chef from Hong Kong who has 30 years of experience in cooking Chinese cuisine. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing and exquisite. It is a great choice for family gathering, hospitalizing business partners, and hanging out with friends.