Tag: Fine Dining

[HCM] Splendid French Affair – La Villa Restaurant

Vietnam has more than just local Vietnamese food. French cuisine in Vietnam is as famous as its local food. As Vietnam was colonized by French, they definitely had some influences on the food. People have told me that I had to try, at least once, a French meal during my stay in Vietnam, because it could be as authentic as France. As this is fancier than any other restaurants in the city, of course we saved it for special occasion.

[MTL] Nordic “omakase” – HVOR

HVOR, meaning "where" in Danish (pronounced "vor"), brought a new dining concept to Montreal's food scene. There's no menu, and everything is up to the chef, hence just like the Nordic "omakase", where the chef decides what to serve. As the waiter told us that there's a bit of Japanese influence on chef S'Arto's creations, I found it, coincidentally, matched with his dining concept!

[SF] Farm-to-Table – Rich Table

Rich Table, locating in the Hayes Valley, is a farm-to-table restaurant that showcases the culinary vision of Chefs Evan and Sarah Rich. Everything on the menu looked very appetizing. This style of restaurant has been a favorite of mine lately, because it is always an interesting dinner experience to see what the chefs got to surprise the diners. As much as I love to order the "chef's pick", I went with a friend who preferred a la carte. Nonetheless, it was definitely one of the restaurants that I am certain to go back whenever I visit San Francisco again.