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[HCM] Splendid French Affair – La Villa Restaurant

Vietnam has more than just local Vietnamese food. French cuisine in Vietnam is as famous as its local food. As Vietnam was colonized by French, they definitely had some influences on the food. People have told me that I had to try, at least once, a French meal during my stay in Vietnam, because it could be as authentic as France. As this is fancier than any other restaurants in the city, of course we saved it for special occasion.

[SF] Brittany-Inspired Granny’s and Mommy’s Kitchen – Petit Crenn

Petit Crenn, locating in the Hayes Valley, is a neighborhood restaurant opened by the two Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn, whom has also been named the World's Best Female Chef, according to San Pellegrino's World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Unlike the high-end tasting menu at Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn is designed to be a neighborhood restaurant, which was inspired by her grandmother, mother, and home, Brittany in the north-west France.

[MTL] The Classic – L’Express

L'Express, a French classic locating on rue St-Denis, has been in Montreal's food scene since 1980, and still standing strong. I've heard and read a lot of reviews about it since Freshmen year, and finally had the chance to visit with my parents! On a rainy night, I made the reservation very last minute, and was glad that they still have tables available at our preferred time!  We were greeted warmly by the staffs, who are all dressed in black and white, as soon as we walked in. The food and service were impeccable. It's one of the restaurants that my mom asked, "why didn't you bring us here when your brother was here last time?"

[MTL] Parisian-style bistro – Laloux

Laloux has been in Montreal's food scene for around 30 years. It has been on my wish list for a while, but never had the chance. Situated on Ave du Pins, and hidden between Blvd. St. Laurent and rue St. Denis, it is quite accessible to me, but I could've easily missed if I haven't heard of it before. Glad that I had the chance to visit on the last day of MTL à Table with my parents. It is definitely one of the city’s favourite and well-rated restaurants.

[MTL] Mid-day Food Coma – Europea

Not sure how reliable the ranking is, but Europea is recently ranked as the second best fine dining restaurants around the world on TripAdvisor. I've heard good reviews from friends about it, but never thought it's THAT good to make it to top of the world. I was thrilled to find out that they are opened for lunch, and the tasting menu is offered at a very affordable price compared to its dinner. Without any hesitations, my friend and I booked a table, and ready to see if it lives up the hype!

[SF] The Legendary Roasted Chicken – Zuni Café

When I first brought up my potential San Francisco trip to my friend K (see her post), the first restaurant that she recommended was Zuni Café. She was talking about how juicy and tender the roasted chicken is, and telling me the tips about making reservation...etc. Therefore, I put it down on the list, and asked my friend in San Francisco to help me make a reservation. Guess what! We already made the call a month ahead, but the lunch services were booked till 2 pm!

[MTL] Mid-day Spoilage – Les 400 Coups

Les 400 Coups is located in the Old Montreal, offering the customers a contemporary and stimulating dining experience. The menu changes seasonally, and promotes local ingredients as much as possible. I've always want to book a table during MTL à Table, but it has already been fully booked. However, I found out later on that they offer lunch set menu (2 courses or 3 courses) every Thursday and Friday! You know how much I love fancy lunch.