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[MTL] Little Italy’s Essential – Pizzeria GEMA

Not only David McMillan, owner of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Le Vin Papillon, has his own restaurants trio, so do Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione too, and Pizzeria GEMA is one of them. As the restaurant is only few blocks away from the Jean Talon Market, the ingredients of their appetizers and pizzas use local products that are available at the market. There are two words to describe their food, fresh and home. Oh! If you are too full for pizza, their homemade ice cream is worth a detour too.

[MTL] Italianate in Style – Le Serpent

Hidden in the former Darling Laundry, Le Serpent serves Italian-inspired contemporary cuisine. Situated at the border of Old Montreal and Griffintown, the restaurant doesn't have a flashy sign, a GPS is a necessity to get there. I was tempted to explore the menu for a while, but also attracted by the industrial design, and glad that I got to visit with my mother when she was in town!

[Recipe] Creamy & Chewy – Mushroom Israeli Couscous Risotto

The weather is getting colder, daylight is getting shorter, meaning winter is closer! I tend to crave things that are more rich and creamy, and one of them that I would crave for during the winter is risotto. Classic risotto is often mixed with cream, cheese, and butter to create the creaminess and richness, which is also very high in calories! Moreover, Arborio rice is very starchy, and contains simple carbohydrates, which will will provide quick energy for your body, but very low in vitamins and minerals. What can we replace but still obtain the similar texture and flavor?

[MTL] Pizza & Pasta – Wienstein & Gavino’s

Locating on the Crescent street, which is one of the streets with highest restaurant density in Montreal, Wienstein & Gavino's offers the flavors and traditions of Italy. W&G has been around for 20 years in the food scene, but just like what they've stated on their site, they are constantly exploring new and creative dishes as trends evolve, which leads to the introduction of their gluten-free menu! As gluten-free is one of the trendiest diet,the restaurant created the menu for customers who prefer to follow a gluten free lifestyle. However, it is not designed for people who suffer from Celiac disease, therefore, there's a risk of cross-contamination or traces of gluten.

[SF] Pasta Tasting – Flour + Water

Flour + Water, locating in the Mission District, has been a popular spot ever since it opened its door in 2009. As its name, "flour" and "water" are the two basic ingredients (and eggs) for pasta making, hence it's an Italian restaurant. Chef Thomas McNaughton is definitely a pasta master. He had written a cookbook on the subject, which the signed copies are available for purchase in store. In this case, why not opt for a pasta tasting, featuring appetizer, 5 pastas, and a dessert, at the pasta master's restaurant?

[MTL] Al Dante Pasta on Dante Street – Impasto

You can go wrong with finding a classic Italian restaurant within the Little Italy. Impasto, locating on Dante St., is known for serving one of the best pasta in town. Stefano Faita, a TV chef and cookbook author (who's family also owns the Quincaillerie Dante right across the restaurant), teamed up with Michele Forgione, who is the former executive chef at Osteria Venti. For the past few months before the holiday, I have heard my friends marvel about how amazing Impasto was. Therefore, I've been anticipated to give it a try.