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[TPE] “Taiwanese taco” – Lan Gua Bao (藍家刈包)

"Bao" has been one of the trendiest food for the past year. Just like bubble tea, not a lot of people know that it's originated from an island, Taiwan. It's most commonly known as steamed buns, pork belly buns, or ambiguously, bao, in North America. Gua bao consists of a thick slice of braised meat that's wrapped between a folded flat steamed bread. People often refer and describe it as the Chinese hamburger, but to me, it's more like taco!

[TPE] Taipei’s “Tsukiji Fish Market” – Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水產)

Besides waking up at 2 AM and go to the port to bid fishes by yourself, Addiction Aquatic Development is the place that you'll be able to get the freshest seafood in Taipei! Through wholesalers manner, and the model of direct shipment from the origin, the freshness and quality are guaranteed, as well as with reasonable pricing!  The entire market is divided into 10 sections, while the standing bar area is the most popular, where you can instantly consumed sushi and other seafood products!

[TPE] Private Kitchen of Xuzhou Cuisine – Xu Huai Ren Jia (徐淮人家)

I finally had chance to visit Taipei after quite a few years. Xu Huai Ren Jia (徐淮人家)  has been on my list for a long time since I first heard of it from the show Kang Xi Lai Le (康熙來了) in 2013. There are a lot of old and famous Chinese restaurants in Taipei, from the Southern to Northern provinces of China, you'll definitely be able to find something. However, Xuzhou cuisine is actually quite rate. At least I've actually never heard of this city until I found this restaurant. It was definitely a very unique experience, especially when there's no menu (very rare for Chinese food)!