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Brunch is my all time favorite thing to do on weekends, and I love trying out different brunch spots. Locating in La Petite-Patrie neighborhood, Restaurant Santa Barbara is just right next to one of my favorite cafes, La brume dans mes lunettes. I visited on a nice Sunday with two friends, and was glad that we were able to snap the last two tables.


The restaurant is quite small, but vibrant. The space is painted with my favorite color, tiffany blue, and had colorful flags hanging to the ceiling, which created a California vibe. The menu at Santa Barbara is quite interesting, because they are all named after the professions that are protected by laws, such as architects, electricians, artillerymen, criminals, miners, and sailors.


My friend started off with their special of the day, bloody mary. She really liked it, in terms of the consistency and the flavor.


The Criminal – This is pretty much like shakshuka. The eggs are baked in tomato and red pepper sauce with chorizo, topped with fresh coriander, and served with sourdough toasts on the side. I tried it a bit, and I liked how thick their sauce is. Unlike the shakshuka that I had before, which was quite watery, this dish was rich and full of the flavor of red pepper.


The Sailor – As its name, the dish has to do with sea/fish. The presentation was beautiful. The smoked salmons were rolled up into rose shape. The crème fraîche is made with avocado, which was creamy, and light.


Special of the day – I opted for the second special of the day (they had two), which sadly did not have a name. It’s definitely not a cholesterol-friendly dish, but absolutely comforting. It’s a crostini with a layer of green peas pesto, topped with bacon and poached eggs, and sprinkled with some paprika and green onions. I liked the bacon is still soft, but crispy on the edge. The pesto really stood out, and lighten up the dish. I was glad the portion of the salad was quite generous, as it filled up half of the plate. The salad was well-seasoned, as the amount of dressing was just right.


Overall, it was a really satisfying meal, and I would definitely go back to try out other dishes, such as the miner, which is bành-mi. Also, all the plates are served with roasted potatoes. The staffs were friendly. The portion is generous. The menu is vegetarian-friendly. The dishes are classic brunch food, but with a smart twist. I would strongly recommend it!

Restaurant Santa Barbara
6696 Rue de Saint Vallier, Montréal
Tel: 514-273-4555
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