An Afternoon with Michael Bonacini

In early December of 2016, one of Masterchef Canada‘s judges Michael Bonacini, who is a chef and restauranteur, was in Montreal for the filming of 24 Hours of Food with Michael Bonacini on Bell Fibe TV1. I love to introduce and share the food scenes here with friend. I also get excited when I see that others have the same thoughts as me, and give this city the culinary recognition that it deserves. I was lucky (and honored) to be invited to interview chef Bonacini at one of my favorite restaurants, Provisions 1268!

As the name of the show, it covers the meals that one’s have in 24 hours, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks! I had the chance to visit the set and sat down with chef Bonacini briefly to talk about the show and FOOD!

Photo by: Bell Media

I was a bit disappointed that the filming was over when I arrived, but it was absolutely a pleasure to interview chef Bonacini afterwards! Little backgrounds of chef Bonacini. He is more than just a TV personality, but also a chef. Born and raised in South Wales, his family, North Italian father and Welsh mother, had a huge impact on his culinary upbringing. He is also the co-founder of one of Canada’s leading fine dining restaurant companies in Ontario. But great news! He is in the process of opening a British-grastropub-liked restaurant in the historical landmark of Montreal, Hôtel Mount Stephens, this year. Can’t wait to see what it’ll bring to this fabulous spot!

In Winter 2017, 24 Hours of Food  hosted by chef Bonacini will be aired on Bell Fibe TV, channel 1 and the Fibe TV app. I can’t said this enough, but it was absolutely my pleasure to meet Chef Michael Bonacini!

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