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There are more and more restaurants opened in the St-Henri neighborhood. On the bustling streets of Notre-Dame, right across my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant Sumac, lies Rosetta – a charming new Italian & French bakery and patisserie. Paying homage to Rosetta Sciortino Cammalleri, who is the mother and grandmother of owners, Maria and Rocco Cammalleri. Everything offered at the store is homemade where, many of the dishes are recipes that have been passed on through generations. Serving a vast assortment of sweet and savoury delights, at Rosetta, the secret ingredient is…. “family”!

©Karolina Jez

Honestly, I can’t think of any other better way to pay homage to one’s Italian mother other than by opening a patisserie and bakery inspired by her dishes, culture, and commitment to family! You’ll be able to find yourself having difficulties to choose between homemade varieties of Roman-style pizzas, arrancinis, breads, caponata, sandwiches, pasta sauces, cannolis, tiramisus, and more! Furthermore, with co-owner Maria’s 35+ years of experience in French pastry, there is also a prominent French influence at Rosetta, where customers can choose from an assortment of macarons, chocolatines, croissants, dozens upon dozens of pastries, as well as picturesque and decadent cakes.

©Karolina Jez

I had the opportunity to go to the media launch, and after sampling a wide varieties of food and sweets, this cannoli had won my heart. Better than the ones I had in Little Italy! The filling and the crust were a perfect match. I couldn’t helped myself, but to have a second one!

One of their most talked about items is their homemade apple bread – hand-mixed daily with Quebec Cortland apples – a dish that gives all other apple breads a run for its money! It’s softer than pillow, airy yet chewy, and the smell is just irresistible! Rosetta is definitely the perfect spot for a quick eat-in or pick-up, which caters to all those who have a love for food!

©Karolina Jez

Lastly, Rosetta got in the game for an instagram-friendly washroom! The entire store is centered around Rosetta, where the family wanted to pay a homage to her food & her dedication to family. In fact, upon walking in, you will immediately notice black-and-white family photos adorning the white crisp walls – photos that paint the story of Rosetta’s life from her childhood, through her teen years, her marriage, right up to today! Rosetta even overlooks the entire store – especially evident with the life-size mural of her holding a rolling pin – don’t mess with Rosetta, because she means business when she’s in the kitchen! It’s truly a nice addition to the neighborhood, where you can get both savory and sweet fix in one spot! Oh! One last thing that’s even more exciting is that Rosetta offers specialized and customized cakes for any occasion; weddings, birthdays, graduations, baptisms, bar matzahs..,you name it!


3631 rue Notre Dame West, Montreal, QC
Tel: +1 (514) 379-1558

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