[MTL] Welcome Back – Bistro Rosie

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you would probably notice that Ma’tine was my all time favorite brunch spot in 2016. After almost a year and a half, chef Jérémy Daniel-Six is back! Instead of a daytime restaurant like Ma’tine, the new baby Rosie focuses much more on becoming a neighbourhood dinner spot without forgetting brunch on Saturday!

One thing that I found very familiar with Ma’tine was the bar seats and the black board with hand-written seasonal menu that changes frequently! Rosie aims to source locally for its products, and is transparent about it to the customers. On the right side of the board, you’ll be able to see where they source the ingredients from, such as meat from Pascale Le Boucher in Villeray, bread from nearby Automne Boulangerie, and coffee from GAB…etc.

Instead of à la carte, you get to choose to have 2 or 3-service, which also comes with filter coffee, tea or juice. Both option starts with a plate of assorted pastries and bread from Automne Boulangerie, and 4 kinds of butter/jam on the side.

It was my first brunch since September 2017, so I went all out. My friend and I opted for the 3 service, which include an appetizer-liked dish. First, the caramelized grapefruit, served with pecans, maple syrup, and whipped yogurt. The grapefruit was not too bitter, and the pecan was actually the star of the dish! It was nicely toasted, and fresh! You might wonder what “fresh” means for nuts. Since nuts are fatty and oily, they can make the nuts spoil quite rapidly. Stale nuts have a waxy smell and taste like plastic, but these pecans are probably the freshest I’ve ever had. They are nutty, crunchy, and a bit maple-like, hence perfect pairing with maple syrup!

The other appetizer was the celery roots cream soup with hazelnut oil, and duck. It was such a comfy bowl that warmed out our body and forgot about the snow storm on that day. The soup was super creamy. The duck itself was very salty, but when eating with the soup, the saltiness was just right.

There were 4 choices for the main, the other 3 were more veggie-based, except this one – Pascal’s ham with potatoes, mushrooms, and sunny side-up egg. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It was a giant piece of ham. First time eating red meat without a knife! The meat  could be easily flaked off with fork, and it was tender and crisp!

The other dish we had was the spiced carrot cake with goat cheese, roasted carrots and poached egg. Never realized how much I’ve missed chef Jérémy Daniel-Six’s sweet and savory dish until I had it again! Perfect brunch dish to satisfy my indecisive palates!

Despite the heavy snow, it was such a great morning at Rosie! Locating in the Rosemont-Petite Patrie neighborhood, the location isn’t quite convenient for me, but the quality of their food is definitely worth the trip (frequent too)! While the food and ambiance are similar from Ma’tine, there is a major difference (a revolutionary act in Montreal too), which is that Rosie has a no-tipping policy for customers! There’s no need to worry (or pressure) to think how much you should tip, and whether you’ll be judged for tipping to less or too much! Personally, I like that. What do you think?


Bistro Rosie
1498 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, QC
Tel: +1 (514) 303-2010 (Reservation recommended)

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    • Thanks for dropping by, Tiffany! It is definitely my go-to for brunch in Montreal. They change their menu frequently, so will never get sick of it! 😛

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