[HA] “Cà phê” Moments in Hoi An Ancient Town

Coffee production has been playing a major role in Vietnam’s economy since early 20th century. Nowadays, the Vietnamese-style coffee is known all over the world for its special brewing method. People in Vietnam consume quite a lot of coffee daily, and it is seen everywhere, from the street vendors to coffee shops. That being said, how can one visit Vietnam without trying authentic Vietnamese coffee?

Faifo Coffee
130 Trần Phú, tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Faifo Coffee Hoi An

Having a coffee break at Faifo coffee was totally an impromptu decision, but I was glad that we walked in. As it was my first cup of coffee in Vietnam, I had to order the Vietnamese black coffee. The way that they served it was just exactly like how it is shown in the photo when you order hot coffee. The brewing process, as well as the blend of beans (mainly Robusta, dark roast), helps give Vietnamese coffee its particular style and unique flavor. The beans are coarsely ground, and put into a French drip filter (called a phin), which sits on top of the cup. The beans are weighted down with a thin lid, hot water is added to the phin, and then the water slowly trickles through into the cup. The taste is super strong, hence some people would prefer the “milk” coffee, with condensed milk, over the black coffee. At the entrance of the cafe, there’s a big roasting machine, where they roast their own beans, and the beans are mainly from Dalat, Vietnam.

The Espresso Station
2, 28 Trần Hưng Đạo, Cẩm Phô, tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

The espresso station Hoi An

The Espresso Station has more of a third-wave cafe feel compared to other Vietnamese cafes. It’s hidden in a narrow alley that’s just off the bustling street. Once you turned into the alley, it becomes rather a rather relaxing, peaceful vibe. They have quite an extensive menu, from the Italian espresso drinks to single origins pour over, as well as Vietnamese coffee specialties. I couldn’t help but to order the Vietnamese egg coffee, which was originated from Hanoi! It first came about in 1940s, when the milk was scarce, egg yolk became a convenient replacement.

I was a bit skeptical about this drink when I first heard about it, but fell in love with in once I tried it! The egg coffee is prepared by beating the egg yolk with sugar and a bit of condensed milk, until a soft foam is formed, then the pour in the espresso. The coffee becomes so creamy but fluffy and airy too!!! Just like a cup of Vietnamese cappuccino or others have said that it’s the Vietnamese take on tiramisu. I would suggest you to try the Vietnamese egg coffee!

No doubt that coffee plays an important role in the people of Vietnam’s daily life. Cafes are everywhere, especially in the morning. Make sure you get a cup of Vietnamese coffee while you’re there. It’s nothing like any regular coffees.

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