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Happy Birthday to…

For the first post on this blog that isn't about food, but me. First birthday as a non-student, many transitions, and where I am at this moment, I thought it is a good opportunity to write down some of my thoughts and show some gratitudes that I never had a chance to do so. 第一次寫中文,也是跟美食無關的文章,而是「我」。第一個非學生的生日,完全脫離學生生活後的這幾個月,生活上有很多不同的轉換。剛好趁這次的機會把一些平常沒機會說的事情用寫的來表達。

United Nations Word Food Programme – World Food Day

[caption id="attachment_483" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Photo credit: World Food Programme Website[/caption] This Wednesday, October 16th, is the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP)'s World Food Day! What is World Food Programme (WFP)? WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Each year, on average, WFP feeds around 90 million people in 80 countries. WFP is in the frontline of fighting against hunger, and they save lives by getting food to the hungry fast. Which emergencies do WFP respond to?  WFP responds to 5 major emergencies: Ebola, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, and Central African Republic. What is World Food Day? United Nations WFP marked October 16th as World Food Day, by highlighting both the challenges around the world and the real progress being made toward "zero hunger". According to The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014 report, the total number of hungry people in the world is down by 37 million, to 805 million, and 63 countries have reached international hunger-reduction targets before 2015, proof of the progress possible when governments, humanitarian organizations and the private sector come together to make lasting change.

Me + Food = Inseparable

Everyone has to eat everyday, but some people value the food they eat, some don’t. I’m known as a picky eater among my friends. As a nutrition student, my life is meant to be linked with food forever. I’m lucky and fortunate to be able to travel between Taiwan, Montreal, and Hong Kong (& Guangdong)…