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I love brunch. No matter where I travel to, I’ll never miss out the chance of exploring local brunch. Outerlands, locating in the outer sunset, is one of my favorite spots in San Francisco that I had to visit again during my second trip.


Outerlands is a farm-to-table restaurant, which they source their ingredients locally, involves in organic fare. The decor is wooden-based, which created a warm, cozy ambiance. With such a nice weather in San Francisco, the restaurant got a lot of natural sunlight shines through the windows.

Outerlands buns

To start off, my friends and I opted for a sticky bun to share. It’s a matcha sticky bunch with strawberries, hazelnuts, and caramel drizzled all over it.

Outerlands buns

The bun was fluffy and moist. The a bit of sourness from the strawberries balanced out the sweetness from the caramel. However, the matcha taste was really subtle to the point that the caramel and strawberries have overpowered it. I thought it would’ve been better if they have made it as matcha dough rather than just sprinkled the matcha powder and roll it up like how one makes cinnamon roll.

Outerlands brunch

A friend opted for the eggs-in-jail, which is just another name for egg-in-a-hole. It’s a thick-cut toast topped with bacon, aioli, raddichio, arugula, balsamic, and currants. The toast was evenly toasted, as it is easily to burn it when trying to make the egg cooked. The bacons weren’t those typical dried, crisp, hard bacon. It was tender and juicy.

Outerlands Dutch baby pancake

My other friend opted for the dutch pancake baked in a cast iron pan. It has an option of sweet or savory, and my friend opted for the savory. It has bacon, pickled onion, and pepper cress as the topping. We were quite disappointed when it wasn’t served with the cast iron. Nonetheless, the pancake was still delicious. If you are a pancake lover, this is a nice variation to try other than those typical American buttermilk pancakes.

Outerlands savory porridge

I had the savory oat porridge, which I knew I had to get it when I decided to visit again. Just like the presentation of the dutch pancake surprised us, this porridge surprised us too. Instead of serving in a bowl, like the majority of the porridges, it was served on a shallow plate! The porridge was a mix of oats and barley, which made the texture really chewy. The flavor totally reminded me of Chinese congee. The asparagus, scallions, and two sunny side up eggs, perfect! It’s os hearty and simple, which made me feel like I can make it at home.


Overall, it was another good experience. During the trip, I’ve discovered that people in SF has the tendency of lining up for restaurants, and people either make reservations a month ahead or you line up. Outerlands opens at 9 AM on weekends, and we got there 10 minutes earlier, but there was already around 10 groups of people in front of us! So, go early, put your name down on the list, and go to Trouble Coffee Co., which is just next door, to grab a coffee, and wait for your name to be called.

4001 Judah Street (close to 45th Ave), San Francisco, CA
Tel: +1 (415) 661-6140
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