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The long wait in front of the Arthurs Nosh Bar in the neighborhood St-Henri is no longer a secret. Despite the old classic Jewish restaurants in Montreal,  Arthurs immediately became the city’s new favorite soon after its opening. Their menu not only features classic Jewish dishes such as sandwiches made with challah bread, and potato latkes, but also elevates simple Jewish-European dishes by modifying with their own unique twist. Unless you are there right when they open, otherwise, expect to wait!

I didn’t get to try it when I went for the first time. The wait was expected to be around 60 minutes, and my friends were too hungry to wait, so we went somewhere else. The second time, we got there a bit earlier, waited for approximately 45 minutes, which was not bad (consider the wait previously). However, occasionally, the manager would bring out their challah out for people to munch on while waiting outside.

My friends and I went on a Sunday morning for brunch. We opted few items to share. First up was the Breakfast sandwich, which is off from their daily breakfast menu. The sandwich consists of scrambled eggs, salami, Norwegian cheese, lettuce, and mayo on challah. They’ve got everything that would wake people up in there, and the challah was soft and pillowy. This might be a weird point, but I would still like to point out. Their lettuce was fresh and crunchy, with a bit of sweetness!

The “scoops” actually caught my attention when I was browsing through the Instagram. I like to have a colorful and eat things bit by bit. The “scoop” means that you get a scoop of salad (of your choice). There are tuna salad, egg salad, Miami style chicken salad, chicken liver with fried onions..etc. We opted for the tuna salad. It’s served with toast, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, and pickles. There are a lot of pickles, hence it could end up too salty if you have the entire plate on your own, and have met your daily sodium requirement. It makes a perfect light meal during the day.

This Moroccan toast was my favorite. It’s only available during the brunch on weekend. It’s an open-faced sandwich with soft scrambled eggs, Moroccan style eggplant, and yogurt on challah. It was full of flavors! Eggplants were all mashed up like a spread, and part of the challah is toasted to crisp, part of it is soft and soaked with some sauce from the eggplant.

To end on a sweet note, we had the challah french toast, which is served with warm maple syrup and seasonal fruit. I went back in September (sorry for the late post…), and peaches were still in season! The exterior was perfectly crisp, and interior was eggy and soft. I liked how it wasn’t drown in a pool of maple syrup, which would make the french toast soggy. The amount of sweetness was right on the spot, but it may not be sweet enough for people who have very sweet tooth .

Overall, the food was good, but I don’t really have any tolerance to wait in line for such a long time. If I were in the neighborhood, and there’s no line (or less than 20 mins wait), it would definitely be my go-to spot. Also, their service is a bit quite slow when it’s busy, so expect another wait for your food to arrive. I would go back to try their salad, because one of the perks of sitting by the bar is that you get to see everything that’s being made! Their salads aren’t just greens and dressings. They serve the classic Jewish food, bagel with lox and cream cheese. Sometimes it’s good to be back with basics and enjoy the simplicity. Even though the restaurant is super busy, the staffs didn’t lose their temper. They were still friendly and smiling.

Arthurs Nosh Bar
4621 rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal
Tel: +1 (514)757-5190
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